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Rebsons Labels is an expert label manufacturer with years’ of experience of creating the perfect label for your product.

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Rebsons Labels, a privately owned family business operating since 1953, is a leading supplier of a wide range of self adhesive labels and labelling products to brand leaders in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage industries and commercial markets for both local and international clientele.

Rebsons Labels offers label printing services through both traditional printing as well as digital printing means. Rebsons Labels is the first company in Africa to use the Nilpeter Panorama Digital Printer for its digital label printing orders. This digital printer allows for quicker turn around times, smaller print batches and more flexibility.

Rebsons Labels has highly dedicated employees who have many years of hands-on experience in the printing industry. Rebsons Labels retains qualified staff members and maximize their expertise through training and development. We create and maintain jobs for the local South African, through our Skills Development Program which has resulted in gratifying progress of previously disadvantaged staff in management,machine skills, inventory control and other positions within Rebsons Labels.

Rebsons Labels are ardent supporters of Skills Development through the accreditation of the FPM Seta. Rebsons Labels is your proudly South African complete label solution.

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Printing Machinery

Rebsons Labels prides itself in owning only the best, top quality printing machinery and equipment. This allows us to offer a superior label printing service to all our customers. Not only is our machinery backed by the highest quality brands, they also print labels in the most cost effective and efficient way. This allows us to offer you competitive prices in the industry for high quality label printing.

Why our machinery is the best:

We use advanced label presses that are capable of printing up to eight colours using UV, solvent or water based inks. This produces exceptionally high quality finishes, and therefore supplies our clients with a superior product.

Our presses enable fast set ups within correct specifications producing high quality printing. This eliminates the need for time consuming processes and saves our clients much time and money.

Our high performance machinery meets our customer’s complete label solution. Due to this we are able to find a solution that will work for almost any label printing need.

Quality Products

Label Manufacturing

Rebsons Labels are one of the oldest label manufacturers in Johannesburg. Operating since 1953 they are a leading supplier of a wide range of self-adhesive labels and labelling products. Some examples include stationery (e.g. barcoding, price marking, laser sheets and more) labels, printed labels and sachet packaging. Rebsons Labels is an expert label manufacturer with years’ experience of creating the perfect label for your product. Rebsons labels are also cheaper than most other label manufacturers. Rebsons Labels uses both standard and digital printing methods depending on their client’s requirements.

Quality Products

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