eco friendly labels

Eco-friendly Label Trends

With the pervasive nature of social media in consumer culture, consumer awareness is at an all-time high and this means [...]
cosmetics labels

Cosmetic Label Trends

We love feeling beautiful and surrounding ourselves with beautiful things. Cosmetics represent beauty and manufacturers need to make sure that [...]
product labels

Types of Labels

One of a brand’s most iconic marketing elements is the label on the product. A poorly designed label, illegible font [...]
Plant labels1

Types of Nursery Labels

Nursery, horticultural or plant labels are extremely useful identification techniques for all types of flora. They are used in nurseries, [...]
adhesive labels

Label Companies

A product label is a vital part of a company’s identity, forming an incredible marketing tool that could determine whether [...]
textured labels

Label Printing Trends

What this means for your products and labels We’ve entered into some exciting times with respect to the printing industry. [...]

Shrink Printed Labels

What are Shrink Printed Labels? Also known as shrink sleeve labels, shrink printed labels are one of the most popular [...]
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Types of Printed Labels

In our article, what are printed labels, we briefly looked at the different types of printed labels as well as [...]

Types of Label Printers

If you’re in the market for buying your own label printer for home, office of industrial use, you may be [...]

What is a Label Printer?

A label printer is a computerised device that prints on self-adhesive label sheets and label material. Label printers are typically [...]