Best Label Manufacturers in Johannesburg

Choosing the right label manufacturer for your label printing needs is important in order to ensure that the label is effective and serves its correct purpose. We have put together 5 of the best label manufacturers in Johannesburg in order to make your decision easier.

1. Rebsons Labels

Rebsons Labels are one of the oldest label manufacturers in Johannesburg. Operating since 1953 they are a leading supplier of a wide range of self-adhesive labels and labelling products. Some examples include stationery (e.g. barcoding, price marking, laser sheets and more) labels, printed labels and sachet packaging. Rebsons Labels is an expert label manufacturer with years’ experience of creating the perfect label for your product. Rebsons labels are also cheaper than most other label manufacturers. Rebsons Labels uses both standard and digital printing methods depending on their client’s requirements. Rebsons Labels have offices in Johannesburg as well as Cape Town. Contact Rebsons Labels through or 011 493 3170

2. Majestic Labels

Based in Meadowdale, Johannesburg, Majestic Labels is a leading Label Manufacturer that supplies products such as self-adhesive labels, industrial tags, security void tags as well as aluminium labels and nameplates. This label manufacturer has been operating since 2006 and has provided labels for companies such as Montagu Dried Fruit and iData Distribution. Contact Majestic Labels on 011 974 3491

3. Libra Labels

This label manufacturer based in Benrose has many years’ experience in providing self-adhesive labels for a diverse number of industries and claim to provide a premium, quality service. They have a wide variety of products ranging from scale labels to full colour personalized labels. This label manufacturer prides itself on using superior raw materials such as PVC, paper and ribbons and they also claim to adhere to rigorous quality control measures. Contact Libra Labels on 011 618 1530

4. Rightmark Labels

Rightmark Labels is a label manufacturer that supplies a full range of printer consumables including blank labels and thermal transfer ribbons for use in all makes and models of thermal transfer label printers. Their label printing services however are limited to barcode labels, address labels, asset labels, consecutive numbered labels, box labels and flexo Labels. Contact Rightmark Labels on 0824197777

5. Marmel Labels

Marmel Labels is a label manufacturer based in Crown Mines. It is a family run business and has been operating since 1996. This label manufacturer provides label printing services as well as product labels. These product labels include barcode labels, brand labels, butchery labels, chemical labels, clear labels and more. Contact Marmel Labels on 011 309 5600

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