7 Label Design Trends for 2017

We take a look at what some of the label design trends may be for 2017. If you’re considering launching a new product line or brand in 2017, it may be a good idea to take these into consideration for your next label designs and production:

Label Design Trends

1. Geometric Designs on Labels

Geometric label designs are super trendy. Hexagons, quadrangles, chevron patterns, circles, triangles and squares. These designs express simplicity, approachability, and honesty through patterns and shapes. It was very popular in 2016 and will continue with simplistic colour palettes into 2017. These have been particularly effective in industries where frilly, over the top label designs are prominent such as cosmetics and fragrances. A call to simplicity and a break from the clutter on the shelves seems to be a prominent theme for 2017.


2. Ornately old-fashioned Labels

Although geometric designs are top of the list, beautifully antiquated patterns and fonts are still playing a role in label design. The scarce skills of calligraphy, foiling and letterpress are being reinvented by some label designers to create a new and modern take on old historical eras and periods. It is evidence of the yearning of our past and a time when beauty was found in the most lavish of forms.


3. Back to Basics Labels

Label Designs in 2016 started with this trend and it will most probably be refined in 2017. Text based designs that spell out the simplified message and state it clearly and boldly across the face of the packaging will become more prominent across the shelves. This is particularly true for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Examples of products include “Stop Cough” or the Sorbet cosmetics range including “Take it Off” Wax Strips and “Wax me I’m famous” film wax.

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4. Nostalgic Labels

Many brands are going back to traditional looks for their products such as bread in paper bags or orange juice in glass bottles, to remind us of simpler times and evoke a sense of emotional nostalgia. Label designs complement these by conjuring up memories of childhood. Nostalgia has become a big trend in todays fast-paced and techno crazy world and will continue to do so in 2017.

Label Trends 2017

5. Hand-written Labels

Incorporating both back to basics and nostalgia, hand written font on label designs seem to be incredibly popular in 2016. We will more than likely see an expansion on handwritten fonts on product labels and packaging in 2017. The more haphazard and messy handwriting is more popular than neat and angled fonts and the idea of frenzied scribbles jotted onto a bottle of potion seem to be the order of the day.


6. Labels with Shelf-appeal

We mentioned shelf-appeal in our article Label Trends for 2016 but would like to feature it again for 2017. Consumers want products that are aesthetically pleasing and blend in with their interior designs, particularly for products in the bathroom and kitchen. Crabtree & Evelyn has done this beautifully with their room spray label design and overall packaging, making it look more like a perfume than an aerosol and Heirloom with its dishwashing liquid. Label design trends are calling for more refined products to sit alongside our interior décor.

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7. Labels that Keep it Simple

Simple is still better in 2017 and the above trends have most certainly all highlighted the need to keep it simple. Consumers want to know what a product is, what a product does and what’s inside the product. Clarity, transparency and information are all vital to include on label designs especially when it comes to food packaging labels. The simpler, more coherent and informative this information is, the better it is for the product. With all the competition on the shelves and the split second consumers have to make their decision, keeping it simple will go a long way to grab attention.

simple labels

Once you have decided on your label design, it’s important to find a reputable label manufacturer to partner with in order to print your product labels.

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