Rebsons Labels is an expert label manufacturer with years’ of experience in providing the perfect label for your products.

Our History

Rebsons Labels is a family owned business that started as a jewellery company and later moved to producing swing tags. As the industry changed, Rebsons Labels evolved with the trends. In 1953, Rebsons Labels purchased their first printing press and started to produce labels – thus becoming a self-adhesive label manufacturing company.

Rebsons Labels is a leading supplier of labels in the printing industry and has produced self-adhesive labels for local and international clientele from various industries. We have expanded our products and services over the years. Our experience in the label printing industry and commitment to quality service has led to the growth and success of our company.

Rebsons Labels has moved with the technological trends over the past years, upgrading and purchasing state-of-the-art label printing equipment. With over 60 years of label printing expertise as well as label printing knowledge, Rebsons Labels delivers high quality printed labels and service at competitive prices.

Our mission is to ensure that our client’s needs and requirements are met beyond their expectations. Our years of experience and knowledge as well as our highly skilled staff will provide recommendations to ensure that you receive the best label solution for your products.

Rebsons Label Timeline


Mr Friedman joined his father’s company Rebsons, to make blanks for price marking blank labels, expanding the label sector within the company


Purchases its first 8 colour Rotary Die Cut Letterpress label printing machine, which at the time was the state-of-the-art machine.


Purchases its first 8 colour Rotary Die Cut Letterpress label printing machine, which at the time was the state-of-the-art machine.


Rebsons Labels acquires a digital printer as well as a state of the art die cutting machine.


Rebsons acquired the Peel and Read machine in 2021.
This allows us to supply various markets as these labels have multiple layers which can be peeled back inorder to relay certain information, in a relatively small space, weather it is a recipe, ingredients or Information about a product. The Pratti is the finishing solution to die cut, strip,rewind and overprint. Rebsons acquired this machine in 2021. Rebsons invested in another Panarama Digital machine as this is the complete Digital solution.

Management Systems / Quality Control

The management of Rebsons Labels are proud to announce we have become ISO compliant.

We fully recognize the impact and opportunities that the adherence to quality principles affords us in supplying quality products and service to our Customers, while maintaining / improving our Business Plan Objectives and the Economic Results of the Company.

Rebsons Labels  management ensures that the Quality Management System is communicated, implemented and maintained by all personnel and continually focuses upon the improvement of the effectiveness of the system for the ongoing benefit of the Company and its Customers.

GS1 Verification

Rebsons Labels uses the GS1 Product Numbering System which is co-ordinated by EAN International and the Uniform Code Council (U.C.C).

Rebsons has undertaken to supply customers with a GS1 Barcode Verification Report when requested, and ensure that the bar codes, when printed, are within the GS1 standard.

Management Information System

Rebsons is a proud user of the Systec Management Information System. This system specifically caters for the needs of the South African label industry and is aimed and created for our particular needs to assist with the workflow from estimating right through to interface with our financial system.

Our Professionals

People of Action

The Rebsons Labels team is here to help you with all your printing and labeling needs. We offer complete labeling services with quick turnaround times and delivery.

Benny Friedman

Managing Director

Debbie Sacher

Sales Director

Ivor Friedman


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