Designing the Perfect Label

Having the perfect label for your product is one of the most important factors in reaching consumers. The product needs to be noticed over it’s competitors, but at the same time, be sufficiently informative so that consumers can make an informed decision. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when designing your perfect label.

Designing a label


Who is your target audience? How old are they? Where do they shop? Your label needs to appeal to those who want your product. It’s important that you take a look at your competitor’s products. Identify what they’re doing right, how they’re attracting the consumer, and what they’re doing wrong and why. While it’s important to stand out, straying too far from the rules could alienate the consumer, who is not always comfortable with change. Think like your target audience, what will attract them, what will make them take the time to take a second look?

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The Design

Colour is of utmost importance. Studies have shown that products are sometimes purchased solely on colour. The colour of your label needs to ensure that your product is visible, but at the same time speaks to what’s inside and what the consumer will relate to. Colour has the ability to influence a consumer’s mood, it can go as far as increasing appetite or make a baby cry, which makes your decision so important. Think green, which is associated with health, tranquillity and nature, is there a more perfect hue for a natural based product. White, representing purity, cleanliness and safety, the perfect base for a baby product range.

Font, and the size thereof, says it all. Bold, dark lettering to make a statement, handwritten font for that personal touch. Your choice of font is so important because, in as few words as possible, you need to convey exactly what your product is about and, at the same time make sure it’s desirable to the consumer. Your choice of colour here is vital as it needs to combine perfectly with the general colour of your label, keeping it easily visible at a glance. The use of raised or embossed font can add elegance, while the use of basic type font can provide your label with a retro basic feel, the font you choose can speak volumes.

With textures in mind, the type of label you choose is of consequence. Depending on your product, durability is an important feature to consider. Your labels must remain intact for the lifetime of your product. No-one wants a peeling, tatty looking product, keeping in mind, having your product in someone’s home is the best, or worst, advertising you could have. Consider water proofing if necessary, or the addition of speciality coatings, a silky-smooth finish for a bottle of bubbles or an earthy textured grain for home-made granola, your consumer should be able to envisage the product from a simple touch.

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When designing the perfect label, consider it’s positioning on your product. Centre stage isn’t always the best option, allow what’s inside some of the lime light. This is when size really does matter and can make the difference to your product being taken home or left on the shelf. Depending on what you’re selling, allowing the product to speak for itself can be hugely advantageous. Consumers want to be able to see what they’re getting and transparency is key. A simple tag on a jar of honey or a transparent label on bottled water will convey more about your product.

People have become increasingly more aware of the environment. Keeping your labelling eco-friendly is imperative. By cutting down the carbon footprint by keeping it local to using biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials, all of these factors need to be considered when producing your product and labels.

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When all’s said and done, your label needs to include all the necessary information. The ingredients as well as any allergens, the perfect label is there to provide the consumer with all the necessary tools to make a decision on your product, make sure they’re making the right one.

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