Eco-friendly Label Trends

With the pervasive nature of social media in consumer culture, consumer awareness is at an all-time high and this means suppliers need to label all products carefully. Sustainability is becoming a key ingredient when putting together a consumer-friendly product so it is vital that the label indicates this clearly. Here are some of the trends emerging in ‘going green’ labels.

Eco-friendly Labels

1. Space efficiency

The more consumers want to know, the more information is needed on the product label. This is prompting more space efficient designs to include ingredient lists or product benefits. Designs such as fold-out labels and the really appealing 360° display are proving popular.

2. Eco-labels

In addition to wanting as much product information as possible, people also want to know that the product is certified by some form of authority. Companies that have the required authorisation can apply an eco-label to indicate the product is approved. Consumers will then know that the product meets stringent criteria and goes through the various checks.

eco friendly labels3. Natural colour schemes

As with any design, colour has a major visual impact on the consumer which makes your label colour palette important. It’s been found that natural colour tones are a preferred option with white reflecting simplicity, green eliciting feelings of freshness and blue connected with dependability. Colour psychology is a powerful sales’ tool so considering an all-natural colour scheme is a great idea, but be sure you don’t lose the product in too much neutrality. A pop of colour here and there can make the product stand out.

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4. Choose the right words

The terminology related to green labels can be a minefield – if used incorrectly. There are strict criteria for green labelling, so be sure to check these terms before going ahead.

  • Organic – free of synthetic materials (antibiotics and pesticides); refrains from using genetically-modified organisms; preserves natural resources and animal standards.
  • Green – a broad term referring to a lower environmental impact that traditional practices; commonly sourced locally; free of renewable resources; often biodegradable.
  • Fair Trade – created using agricultural diversification and erosion control; improve social conditions of workers through wages and treatment.
  • Renewable materials – can be created in a short period using natural processes; sustainably harvested without pesticides; not necessarily recyclable.
  • Natural – no artificial ingredients.
  • Recycled content – made from pre-consumer or post-consumer waste.
  • Biodegradable – the product breaks into carbon dioxide, water and inorganic compounds at a similar rate to paper.
  • Free of – has no, or only trace amounts, of certain ingredients; substitute ingredients cannot be equally as damaging as the replacement.

5. Making the label green

It’s all good and well making a sustainable product and labelling it as such, but if the label itself is environmentally harmful, then you’re just insulting your target audience. Many label companies are investing a lot of time and resources into green initiatives and they are producing some impressive results. Label trends such as compostable and bio-degradable labels are becoming very popular in a large number of industries. It’s important to match the product to the label so, if you’re selling a biodegradable product, make sure the label itself is biodegradable. The following would be a good example of label adhesive ingredients that are bio-degradable:

NATURAL Tree-Free Sugarcane
GLOSS WHITE Water Resistant BioPlastic
SILVER Water Resistant BioPlastic
TRANSPARENT Water Resistant BioPlastic
WHITE SEMI-GLOSS COATED with Recycle-Compatible Adhesive

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If you’re bringing an environmentally-friendly product to the market, then you’re on the right track. It’s important that the label perfectly conveys the product message otherwise you will be missing out on a huge market.

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