Effective Marketing Terms to Consider Using on Your Label Artwork

When it comes to product marketing, the label is one of the most effective deciding factors for consumers. It’s a visual way to instantly capture audience attention, both through the terminology as well as the artwork itself. A really impactful label will create brand recognition and distinguish your product from the many other competitors. Here are some aspects to consider when it comes to captivating terminology for label artwork.

Product Labels

Transparent ingredient lists

Discerning consumers want to know exactly what they’re buying which means a comprehensive ingredient listing. While this might not seem to be the most dynamic marketing perspective, using clear terminology about what’s inside the product is one of the best things to put on the outside of the product!

Value-added terminology

Your label is what sets your product apart, and one of the ways you can do this is by incorporating terminology which expresses your brand’s value, and encourages a relationship with consumers. Popular terminology to consider includes ‘new’, ‘improved’, ‘introducing’, ‘value’, ‘proven’, ‘real results’, ‘safe and effective’ or ‘premium’.


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If you’re new to the market, or are looking to stand out, then competitions or discounted rates are always a good way to attract attention. Use your product label to promote the competition prizes and encourage more consumer interest. Words such as ‘free’, ‘bonus’, ‘flash sale’, ‘extra’, ‘buy one get one free’ and ‘more’ will work here.

FreeGet healthy

The biggest consumer trend right now is seeking healthier options which is why it’s important to include terminology that accentuates your product’s healthy – and environmentally-conscious – attributes. Some good examples include ‘free range’, ‘no GM ingredients’, ‘free from artificial colours and flavourants’, ‘packaging made from 100% recycled materials’, ‘healthier alternative’, ‘cruelty-free’, ‘low sodium’, ‘low GI’, and ‘low cholesterol’.

Low GI

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Practical advice
Consumers appreciate useful suggestions on how to use the product such as tips for preparation, recommended seasonings or delicious recipes. You can incorporate terminology such as ‘try this…’, ‘convenient’, ‘easy to prepare…’, ‘spice up your meal with…’, ‘goes great with…’ and ‘discover’.

NoodlesBring in some humour
If there’s one thing Nando’s and Kulula have taught us, it’s that consumers respond to some well-placed humour. Just make sure not to cross any lines, or come across as trying too hard. Some basic examples include ‘Do not iron while wearing the clothes’ for irons and ‘Do not use while sleeping’ for hair dryers!


Keep it clear
There is a lot you want to get across on your label, but don’t fall into the trap of putting too much information and overwhelming your potential customers. Don’t say the same thing twice, and decide – ahead of time – what your biggest selling points are. This is what you want to lead with.

Clever design

A clever design on a product label is bound to get attention. Consumers will often buy a product just because they like the innovation and ingenuity of the label. If you are able to consider all the above elements as well as create a beautiful design then you’re on a winning formula.

All industries will have a set of regulations regarding what can and can’t be said on a label, as well as what has to be said. While this can be somewhat inhibiting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with your label artwork. Never underestimate the marketing power of your product label!

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