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While creativity is a huge facet of product label design, the success of the design really lies in the response by consumers. This involves assessing the market and actually knowing the needs and desires of the consumers, better than the consumers themselves. While this might seem like a seemingly impossible undertaking at times, there are quite a few tricks of the trade to help you create a really effective product label design. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Good product label design

1. Function comes first

As mentioned, product label design involves a large dose of creativity but you will have to put your artistic vision on hold for a second while you consider the functionality of the label itself. The utility of both the product and the label are what consumers are looking for at the end of the day. The temptation is often to add as many elements and features as possible, but it’s always easier to add than it is to remove. If your label is big, bold and colourful but distracts from the actual product, you’ve lost sight of the first rule.

2. Aesthetics count

The creatives can breathe a sigh of relief because product label design is not all function and no fun. The look and feel of the label will go a long way in attracting initial consumer attention, so your label must be eye-catching. One important aspect of aesthetics is the quality of the label used. The better the materials used, the more attractive the finished product will be to the consumer. And remember, elegance is always preferable to ostentation.

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3. Simplicity is the solution

You are excited about the product – understandably – but don’t get carried away trying to tell the entire story on the label. You want to draw people in with intrigue, not scare them off with your overenthusiasm and this must relate to the product label design. Everything – from design and images to fonts and colour – must be kept simple. One key aspect of an elegant design is the font type and size. To avoid a distractingly busy appearance, stick to a maximum of two fonts and fight the urge to go for a smaller font to fit more on the label – if this is the case, you’re including too much text. The modern, informed consumer is incredibly health conscious which means your nutritional facts and ingredients must be especially clear.

4. Seek a timeless design

There are lots of fads and trends, but you want your product to have something more important than popularity – you want it to have longevity. This means not designing merely for today’s consumers, but designing something that will continue to capture imaginations and interest for years to come. It’s worth researching product label designs that have managed to weather the passing of time, and evaluate what elements you would consider incorporating. It’s a fine line between timeless and generic, though, so make sure you put thought into every design choice.

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5. Label must communicate the brand

The product label cannot be designed in isolation of the product itself. They need to be completely synchronised when it comes to brand communication. It’s important to define your product before any style choices are made, as this will dictate which path you should follow. One pertinent example is eco-conscious products not following through in the product label and design itself. Solidify the brand identity through the product design label.

6. Innovation is key

Most products on the market are likely to be fighting with competitors in a similar field, so it’s important to stand out in some way. Innovative product label design is a good example. Rather than going for the traditional label shape, you could attempt something outside of the norm, just make sure the shape fits the bottle style. Other ways to individualise your product is by incorporating interesting messages, personal stories or humorous anecdotes specific to your brand.

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While there might be no perfect recipe to creating a good product label design, by following these steps, you are certainly going to find yourself on the right path to creating something consumers will love.

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