What is a Label Manufacturer?

What is a Label Manufacturer?

Private Label Manufacturers produce self-adhesive labels for various products in various industries. The types of self-adhesive labels produced depend on the client’s needs and level of size, adhesiveness, layout and durability that is required.

The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) in the USA categorises private label manufacturing into four groups:
• Large national brand label manufacturers that have the plant capacity and expertise to supply labels to store brands.
• Small, quality label manufacturers who focus on certain product lines and produce certain store brands almost exclusively.
• Major wholesalers and retailers that manufacture and produce labels for their own store bought brands.
• Regional brand label manufacturers that make private label products.

As can be seen from the above private label manufacturing is either done in-house or outsourced to a professional label manufacturer.

In our article the advantages of outsourcing your label manufacturing needs we look at some of the advantages of using a third party to produce labels for brands and products and how, by doing this, it can cut costs and improve quality.

The Process of Label Manufacturing

In simple terms there are four stages of the traditional label manufacturing process, these are:
• Preparing label stock – the label material used is either paper or film – read more about this in our article, Types of Printed Labels.
• Printing – or laying down the ink
• Converting – cutting the label to shape to either die cut label or butt cut label, sheeting or marginal punch labels.

Many label manufacturers are turning to digital equipment to make their run times faster thereby saving time and money for the client. Although there are many benefits to digital printing, many will argue that traditional label printing is still higher in quality and durability.

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