Label Trends for 2019

The digital age has brought with it a wave of consumer information and revealed the many tactics and ploys behind marketing campaigns. To keep ahead of this while keeping customers satisfied, manufacturers have to incorporate really clever marketing strategies and adopt innovative labelling techniques. Here are some of the exciting label trends we expect to see in 2019.

Label Trends

1. Sustainable Labels

It’s no surprise that the reality of global warming is prompting a socially responsible consciousness in consumers. For manufacturers, this translates into eco-friendly labels, packaging and products. People are looking for label icons that indicate the product does not harm the environment, while also insisting on labels that are made from sustainable products themselves. Once used, the entire package needs to disappear without a trace. This is a major label trend in 2019.

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2. Transparent Labels

In addition to sustainability, consumers want transparency in their product labels – literally and figuratively. Product packaging needs to be transparent so that consumers can visually assess what it is they’re buying. But they also want to know the full list of ingredients, production process and benefits of the product. This means the label needs to go beyond the basic ingredients. The label should contain the ‘farm-to-store journey’ behind the product to really set it apart.Transparent labels

3. Smart Labels

With labels being sustainable and including all the necessary product information, you’re going to ask – how do we fit this all on one label? It’s a fair question, and there is a solution: smart labels. By including a particular code on the product label, consumers can simply scan the code which will take them directly to a landing page which can contain endless information about the labels2

4. Minimalist Labels

This is where smart labels work so well because, although consumers want a lot of information, they still want simple, clean labels. Expect more neutral, earthy tones that march the sustainable product material. There might be a splash of bold colour somewhere on the label but it won’t dominate the entire product.Minimalist Labels

5. Personalised Labels

The rise of digital printing has allowed for the customisation of packaging and personalisation of labels and products. This is expected to become a more dominant trend in 2019. Labels with consumers’ names – think Coca Cola – or packages with people’s faces – think Lays – attract attention. This could also be printing the images of local sports’ teams or personalities on the label. Further to this, manufacturers can interact with consumers by getting them to send in personalised messages they want printed.prosecco_silver_trad_alc_d89x-sg

6. Vintage Labels

People always love the classics – harking back to the ‘good old days’ – which is why vintage labelling is always a popular marketing tool. Throwback designs and fonts allow people to re-live a part of their youth and the limited-edition tactic pushes consumers to buy items quickly. Companies celebrating milestone years will, no doubt, look to vintage labels for that element of nostalgia.

239 Best ☮ Retro Labels ☮ Images On Pinterest | Match Boxes regarding Vintage Product Label - World of Label

When choosing a product label, it’s important to ensure the message and label type work cohesively to effectively attract consumers while meeting all necessary industry regulations. Partner with a well-established label manufacturer to get the perfect label fit.

It is important to partner with a label manufacturer that understands your industry and what is required in green label production. Rebsons Labels is a leading supplier of labels in South Africa and produce self-adhesive labels for local and international clientele from various industries. For the highest quality labels through either digital printing or various other label printing processes contact Rebsons Labels today to discuss your needs.

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