Label Trends for 2020

When it comes to making your brand stand out in 2020, one of the most visually effective ways is through a unique product label. The past year has seen massive advancements in the manufacture and production of product labels with technological innovation promising even more exciting label trends going into 2020. Here is what you can look forward to!

Label Trends

1. Biodegradable label materials

The move towards a plastic-free environment will only continue to gain momentum in 2020 as the effects of plastic pollution become ever more evident. This will extend to the label sector where we’re anticipating an uptake in the use of biodegradable materials for the manufacture of labels. Alternatives to traditional materials being experimented include items such as algae-based plastics while recycled material is also a popular option.

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2. Minimalism

This was a trend going into 2019 and will continue into 2020 – both in label use and design. Minimalism in packaging means we’ll be seeing simpler label types which capture the attention but don’t give too much detail. The age of Instagram will also see more aesthetics in the form of imagery rather than words for label use.

3. Smart labels

In line with a diminished use of packaging and rising digitisation, the emergence of smart labels will continue to gain traction into 2020. Aspects such as augmented reality (AR), cloud labelling, anti-counterfeiting packs and track-and-trace tech are set to develop. AR-enabled labels will educate customers on the brand details while also showcasing the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. With the use of a smartphone, consumers are able to access all manner of product information such as ingredients, suggested recipes and brand information, thereby cementing brand loyalty and driving repeat sales. This also leads into the minimalism trend.

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4. Edible labels

Decreased plastic packaging is taken one step further with the increased use of edible packaging for food products. This is an innovative label design that solves the problem of labelling without the use of plastics. This works particularly well with fresh produce and baked goods, with the label applied directly to the product. Because this is currently such a unique feature, it attracts more customer attention while continuing the discourse of an eco-friendly company ethos.

5. Customised labels

Vintage and retro are the preferred optics and this will extend to label trends in 2020 as companies choose to customise their labels rather than opting for the mass-marketed appeal. The label design, size, shape and colour can be completely customised, providing a unique image to distinguish against the competitors.

Make sure your brand stays ahead in the New Year by incorporating some of these environmentally-friendly, innovative trends into your product labels. By partnering with an industry expert, you can be assured of quality-made labels that communicate your brand effectively.

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