How Labels Influence Purchasing Behaviour

It’s a fact that the packaging and labeling of a product has a significant impact on consumer behaviour. It’s no secret that the majority of consumers make purchases based on the product packaging, some even changing brands based on packaging alone, so, although a product has to live up to its quality guarantee, the product first needs to get into the home of the consumer. The battle of the brands begins on the shelf, alongside its peers, how do you make sure your product stands out and is chosen over your competitors? Here are some labeling ideas that will get your product noticed.

Label Power

Explain yourself

Consumers want to know exactly what it is they’re buying. Whether it is nutritional information or directions for use, make sure this information is included on your label. There is a limited amount of space available on your label, make sure that the information that you choose to include is worthy and necessary. Ensure that the font can be easily read and that the information is clear and easily understandable.

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Branding is a critical factor in decision making, now more so than ever. Once consumers find one that they trust and identify with, they will more than likely stick to it, so it’s important to keep branding highly visible. Here are some great ideas of how to include your brand identity on your label.

1. Make your product label a reflection of your brand. High-end chic or eco friendly, make sure that your label is a reflection of your brands identity. All your products should be easily recognizable in a few seconds. Your product label should reflect your brand principles and what you stand for. If you’re all about going green make sure your label and packaging are bio-degradable and that the consumer knows it.

2. Add your tag line or logo. Include your brands tag line or logo on your product label, this further reinforces the link between your products and your brand, a marketing tool in itself and provides the consumer with the secure knowledge of what they are buying into.

3. Connect the dots. Include components of your brand identity in the product description. Whether it’s what you stand for or part of your tag line, use the limited space to advertise your brand as well as your product.

The WOW factor

Stop them in their tracks. The more unique the label and packaging the more it will appeal to the individual. Create a label that has the quintessential WOW factor that stands out on the shelf and screams, “pick me pick me!”

1. Personalise it. We are all looking for that little something that lets us feel unique. Consumers are all about the personal touch and never as much as now because it feeds the need to stand apart from the masses.

2. Customised fonts. Different stands out, don’t let your product blend in, give it it’s very own distinctive touch. A customised font provides a brand with its own voice, ensuring that it stands apart.

3. Textured materials and printing. Engage the senses, create a label that a consumer wants to touch and take home. Silky smoothness or rough tweediness, the label should mirror the product. Laminating or varnishing your label will further enhance it, providing a finish that isn’t just about good looks, but longevity.

4. Foiled labels. Like magpies, consumers love shiny things, they catch the eye and make you want to own them. Whether it’s just a foiled label or a glittery font, used appropriately, making it shiny will make your product stand out.

5. Colour. It may be bright, contrasting or very bland but the colour of your label and how colour is used will always be an important factor in driving consumer behaviour.

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Be ahead of the pack

When it comes to your product, you want to be the most popular and the labelling of your product is paramount to ensuring that your product wins the popularity stakes. Look at your competitor products and see how you can be different, how you can set yourself apart. If it’s colour they’re using, look at your materials. If it’s a customised font, up your game and emboss your printing. Make sure you provide a rousing description of your product’s attributes.
Go green, go safe, two very important factors for consumers when choosing products. Make sure this information is included on your label.

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Consumers will choose a product for a variety of different reasons, some because it provides them with the ticket to a particular social group, others because they associate it with happy thoughts. Whatever their reason, make sure your product is the one that they choose. Your label is your advertisement, description and ticket to consumer buy in – make sure you’re making the most of it.

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