What makes a leading label company?

Your product label is your product’s identity, it’s what makes the consumer pick your product, making it the most important factor in getting your product off the shelf and into the hands of the consumer. This means that the company to whom you entrust this should certainly be one of the top, leading label companies.

Leading label company

Here are the factors that make a label company a leader in their field:

High Quality Materials

When considering which label company to use, the quality of their materials is one of the most important factors. An extraordinary design will look mediocre on a poor quality label and a scuffed, peeling label is not the impression you want created of your product.

There are several components that make up a label and all are as important as each other. A good quality face stock will prevent illegible, smudged designs, caused by uneven ink absorption, as well as affecting the intensity and clarity of your colours, all in all, a quality product will prevent a drab, washed out label.

Your label should outlast your product, it should withstand both environmental and physical factors. Poor quality adhesive will cause your label to peel or move around on your product, there is also the risk of it coming off completely, making your product unidentifiable. Either way, your product will be making very little, to no impact. Adhesive also determines how a label separates from the label liner meaning you may face the chance of having a number of unusable, damaged labels should the adhesive be of poor quality.

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These are factors that are automatically taken into account by leading label companies so make sure that the one you choose is one of them.

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Good quality takes investment, we all know that a craftsman who invests in his tools is worth his salt. A good quality label printer will make all the difference to the end product, you may have the best quality materials, but if they are being used on a sub-standard machine the product will be exactly that, sub-standard. A quality machine has the ability to print more accurately, with well defined, sharp images in vibrant colours and provides your customer with the ability to read the fine print (no more fuzzy blurred script).

A quality label printer is also able to print on a variety of materials, couple that with the ability to do textured script and you are in the enviable position of choosing the perfect match for your brand’s identity. Another factor to consider is the efficiency factor, time is money, the best label companies will be able to save you both.



‘Move with the times’ has become a phrase synonymous with our existence. Technology has literally changed the face of printing and a printing company who is not moving with the times is going to be left behind, if they haven’t already been. The advancements in technology, within the printing world, have changed the way printing is done and the changes keep happening. Digital printing has taken the printing world by storm, introducing more efficient, effective printing methods while reducing the administration, set up times and costs, coupled with being more environmentally friendly.

label manufacture

If your label printing company is not abreast with the changes in technology he is doing himself, but more especially you, a disservice.

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Your product is only making money once it’s out there, on the shelf, competing for the customer’s affection. Once again, time is money, the quicker your product gets to the shelf, the better off you’re going to be. You need to make sure that your label printing company is in a position to manage their workload and prevent unnecessary delays.

Amongst the obvious factors of managing time, tasks and staff, it also speaks to using both good quality machinery, which has the capacity and robustness to deal with increasing workloads. As well as keeping up with technology, digital printing provides on demand printing with little to no set up time, saving a great deal of time.

Advice and the best customer service

When making any big decision, it’s always a good idea to consult someone who knows what they’re talking about and, in this case, who knows the products and the industry. A good label printing company will be able to provide you with honest, impartial advice regarding which materials are best to use that are both cost effective and whose quality will be sure to convey your brand identity exactly as you anticipate and, at the same time, reduce unnecessary wastage. Their machinery and technology should provide you with the necessary reassurance that your labels are in good hands and will come out exactly as you envisaged. This should also be done within the time frames you agreed upon, because, let’s be honest, your product is only making money once it’s on the shelf and in the trolley of your consumer.

Rebsons Labels have been printing labels since 1953. We know all there is to know about labels and all our adhesive labels are produced to the highest quality and standard. To discuss your label requirements contact one of our experts today on sales@rebsons.co.za or visit our website www.rebsons.co.za

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