Rebsons Labels Light the Night

Rebsons Labels was a proud sponsor of the 2015 Light the Night inaugural walk held by Shout SA and Modsquad events. The event took place on the 27th of August at Rosebank Mall to shine the light against crime in South Africa and to raise funds to build a mobile library in Alexandra Township.

With torches in hand, walkers began their 5km walk from Bath Avenue outside Rosebank and ended the night at the Rosebank Mall rooftop for a celebration. The celebration included various Shout ambassadors such as Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane, Natalie Du Toit, community leaders, activists and school children from various schools.

Rebsons Labels contributed to the success of the event by sponsoring race numbers for Light the Night walkers. The race number labels were a mark of our expertise and were a great contribution to an exceptional event. Serena Kagan who was instrumental in Rebsons Labels’ participation in the LTNW said, “From a Rebsons point of view it was a great evening of team building and team participation. It was great to see people from all walks of life participating for a purpose to raise money to improve the lives of other people.”

The event ended on a high note for Rebsons Labels as our great team walked away with the Best Team award for the 2015 Light the Night Walk.

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