The Importance of the Right Beer and Wine Labels

South Africa has a long tradition of creating truly unique flavours for home-crafted beers and wines, and the recent rise of the craft beer market has seen an even bigger influx of locally-brewed alcoholic beverages. While they all offer varying flavours and styles, one of the biggest ways to set various beers and wines apart is through the use of quality labels. And considering the competition out there, it’s vital that your beer and wine labels truly stand out.

The beer or wine label is effectively an extension of your marketing. It is vital in establishing brand recognition, helping consumers distinguish your brand from the competition. In addition to including your company’s logo, description and contact details, there are other important aspects to consider when choosing the right beer or wine label.

1. Quality material for a quality product

Because of the condensation associated with refrigeration, the label material used has to be of a high quality or you risk it just peeling right off. Not only does this create an unprofessional impression on your intended market, you’re losing out on valuable brand recognition opportunities.

The first thing you’ll need to decide on is the base label, the most popular of which are the white paper, white film, and metallized silver paper. Thereafter, you’ll need to select a quality label finish for the ideal look. This is usually a UV varnish or film overlaminate available in either matte or glossy.

2. Customised is best

In addition to ensuring you’re using a quality beer or wine label, you have to check that the label chosen is made specifically for beer or wine bottles, otherwise it’s not going to perform the duties as intended. Once you’ve established the label is specifically for beer and wine bottles, you can go further by choosing a customised design and style to suit your particular brand.

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3. Professional label design

As mentioned earlier, the beer or wine label is one of your biggest marketing tools so you have to involve the services of industry professionals to ensure your label design is going to attract consumer attention.

As much as 75% of all consumer activity is impulse purchase and, of all the factors contributing to the impulse purchase, product labels and packaging accounts for 33% of sales. This is massive, particularly for emerging companies that are still trying garner brand recognition and loyalty.

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When it comes to modern label design, some of the more popular trends include:

  • Adding nutritional facts on the bottle.
  • Including pairing such as recipe ideas or flavours that work well with the beer or wine.
  • A brief history of the brand.
  • Lively, captivating imagery that attracts consumer attention.
  • Choosing a particular colour range that is associated with your brand.
  • Textured labels for another dimension.
  • Eco-friendly labels, particularly for high-end brands.
  • Customised fonts for labels.
  • Hand-drawn imagery and sketches in the design

The importance of the beer or wine label to the overall sales cannot be understated, which is why you must partner with a reputable industry specialist with an understanding of your particular market. There are many decisions to make so the best idea is that you partner with a label manufacturer that understands your industry and what you need. Rebsons Labels is a leading supplier of labels in South Africa and produce self-adhesive labels for local and international clientele from various industries. For the highest quality labels through either digital printing or various other label printing processes contact Rebsons Labels today to discuss your needs.

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