Sheeted Labels

Rebsons Labels are leading manufactures of sheeted labels. Based in Johannesburg, we supply sheeted labels to just about anywhere in South Africa as well as other African countries.

Our high quality sheeted labels are used for a variety of functions and over the years we have supplied clients such as the largest retailers to the smallest businesses.

Rebsons Labels has been printing labels since 1953 and therefore has expert knowledge and years of experience in order to supply you with the exact type of labels that you need. We manufacture all types of labels including printed labels, blank labels, price marking labels, barcode labels and many many more. Contact us today for a competitive quote on all your labeling needs.

Sheeted Labels

Rebsons Labels stocks a wide variety of material types for sheeted labels. Whether it’s for glass bottles or for water bottles that need refrigeration, on CDs/DVD’s, cosmetic labels, address labels or sequential race numbers, our labels come in a variety of options to suit your specific labeling requirement.

Sheeted labels are the labels that are found on a laser sheet. These labels can be used in laser and inkjet printers and since these types of printers are capable of full colour printing, sheeted labels can be used for a variety of purposes. These labels usually form part of a sequential printing as a number of blank labels appear on one sheet.

Contact Rebsons Labels today for a quote on your label requirements.

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