Types of Labels

One of a brand’s most iconic marketing elements is the label on the product. A poorly designed label, illegible font and unclear logo can easily dissuade a consumer in a matter of seconds. It’s essential that a product display a quality, clear, legible label that matches the overall feel of the company. In addition to the marketing label, a product will need a number of other labels to denote barcodes, prices or special offers. Here are some of the label types available for different product types.

Types of labels

1. Craft Beer Labels

The South African craft beer industry has grown exponentially the last few years and, within a competitive market, the right craft beer label can make all the difference. When if comes to a bottle of craft beer – or any other craft liquor – these are the labels you will need:

  • Printed labels – This is the customised product label which will feature the product name, information and branding. These come in a variety of shapes and colours and need to be perfected by label-making experts.
  • Price marking labels – Used to price merchandise, these will be added to the individual craft beer bottles at retail stores using price guns.
  • Barcode labels – These are used by retailers and distribution centres to manage the stock. It will include a variety of information about the craft beer such as price and country of manufacture.
  • Lug labels – These are placed on the side of boxes of craft beer for easy identification in warehouses or storage facilities.

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2. Fresh Produce Labels

Fresh produce is packaged in varying shapes, sizes and materials which means the label types can differ from product to product. The fresh produce label must also be carefully applied so as not to damage the fresh produce. Here are some types of fresh produce labels:

  • Fruit packaging labels (bananas, apples and pears)
  • Citrus fruit labels (oranges, lemons and naartjies)
  • Vegetable packaging labels (sweetcorn, carrots and beans)
  • Swing tags (onions and potatoes)
  • Price marking labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Lug labels

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3. Pharmaceutical Labels

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, the label needs to be extremely clear, with label types varying to match the variety of product shapes and colours. Other considerations that will need to be taken into account are the surface type of the product, as well the storage environment. Here are some examples of pharmaceutical labels:

  • Pain medication labels
  • Antibiotic labels
  • Chronic medication labels
  • Generic medication labels
  • Children’s medication labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Lug labels

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4. Cosmetics’ Labels

When it comes to cosmetics’ labels, the extremely varying shapes, sizes and product surfaces need to be considered. Lipsticks, powders, foundations, mascaras, nail polishes…they all create a lot of mess and the label needs to be legible despite spills and sploshes. Some label types for cosmetics include:

  • Make-up labels
  • Face cream labels
  • Beauty product labels
  • Body lotion labels
  • Lug labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Price marking labels

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5. Plant Labels

You don’t want to get your roses mixed up with your carnations, so make sure you have clearly identifiable plant labels. The range of sizes, shapes, surfaces and storage environments will need to be considered when selecting plant labels. It’s also important that they are durable as they will need to withstand outdoor elements. Some examples of plant labels are:

  • Flower labels
  • Rose labels
  • Pot plant labels
  • Tree labels
  • Fertiliser and soil labels
  • Price marking labels
  • Barcode labels

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