In 2017, Rebsons Labels acquired the PANORAMA Digital Printer. The first of its kind in Africa.

This means faster printing times and cheaper labels for our clients!

Digital printing services

Our digital printing services offer you the following benefits:

  1. Quicker turnaround time
  2. More flexibility in terms of the size of your label printing run needed
  3. More variety in colour and size of labels printed
  4. A complete printing solution for all your label and packaging needs
  5. The ability to print samples and smaller batches

Whether you’re looking to print small batches of personalised labels or bulk quantities of labels, Rebsons Labels is able to assist. We will make sure that we supply you with the most cost effective quote for your label printing needs.

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Speak to us about the label you need printed and we’ll send you the best quote. Fill in the form on this page or email for assistance.

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