QR codes and Barcodes

What is the difference between QR codes and barcodes for your business? So, you’ve done your research and decided that QR codes are the best solution for your marketing campaign. You download an app, set up an account, watch a few tutorials, create a QR code with your logo and URL, run some tests, etc., […]

Craft Gin Labels South Africa

Before we get into the nitty gritty of a great craft gin label, it’s probably important to understand how the craft gin market has evolved in South Africa. It has taken only a few years for gin to have fundamentally changed in the eyes of the consumer. From a hard tac “older persons” drink to […]

Create food labels that consumers can trust

The modern consumer is not only incredibly aware about nutritional benefits of packaged food, but also quick to dismiss brands that underestimate their intelligence. With the food and beverage market as competitive as it is, brands should be cementing loyalty and attracting new customers wherever possible – and often this begins with the food label. […]

What are Self-Adhesive Labels?

Pressure-sensitive or self-adhesive labels are used as a form of packaging to differentiate various products across a range of industries. They are customised to fit differing product shapes, sizes and storage conditions, and are incredibly popular because of their versatile and durable nature. Self-Adhesive labels Types of self-adhesive labels As mentioned, self-adhesive labels are incredibly […]

Label Trends for 2020

Edible label

When it comes to making your brand stand out in 2020, one of the most visually effective ways is through a unique product label. The past year has seen massive advancements in the manufacture and production of product labels with technological innovation promising even more exciting label trends going into 2020. Here is what you […]

Label solutions for squeezable containers

Big ones, small ones, round or flat, long tube, short tube, choose a cap, opt for a nozzle, light weight and easy to use, these are just some of the reasons that squeezable containers are the go-to receptacle for so many manufacturers.  The options are endless and consumers love them, while manufacturers love to hate […]

How Product Labels Drive Customer Loyalty

labels and customer loyalty

As a manufacturer you are constantly vying for the attention of consumers and, once you’ve got it, keeping it is just as important, but what should you be focusing on? What will bring you the most return on your investment? It goes without saying that the quality of your product is of the utmost importance, […]