10 Ways to Make your Product Label Stand Out

Labelling your product is one of the most important areas of your marketing strategy. Your product label needs to be effective, useful and grab the consumer’s attention almost immediately.

So how can this be done?

Here is a short video on the psychology behind retail stores and the effect that a product label and pricing can have on the consumer.

Make your Product Label Stand Out

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that your product label is effective:

1. Colour. Ask yourself, what colour is my container? If you are using a clear container, then what colour is the product? You need to make sure that the colours you choose for the label don’t clash in a negative way to lessen the visual appeal of the entire package. You can use tools such as Adobe Kuler, ColourLovers and ColorBlender to help with this.

2. Graphics. A picture is worth 1000 words. Make sure you use a relevant, high quality graphic on your label.

3. Readability. Your label must read easily from left to right and portray exactly what the product is.

4. Fonts.  Fonts can make or break a product. Choose a font that is inline with your brands target market and don’t choose something that is too difficult to read.

5. Material. Common materials include white, clear or cream. Take a look at Sunlight dish soap – this is a product that uses a clear label very well, it really shows off the striking green liquid inside. White material gives you the most flexibility with design and for an old world look, a textured cream paper can be very effective for example for wine bottle labels.5 Ways1

6. Label Finish. You can use matte (a more classic look) or glossy (a high impact, shiny look)

7. Label Size. If you are using a round container then you have a choice – do you want one large label or separate front and back labels? Front and back labels allow you to elegantly separate the front branding information from the ingredient and regulatory information but they can be more expensive than a large wrap around label. If you go with a wraparound label then it is important to keep a front “panel” with the vital branding information because that is what the consumers will see as they are browsing the aisles.

8. Shapes. Labels don’t only need to be rectangle or round, they can be a number of different shapes, however these may be more costly.

9. A theme for different flavours. Multiple flavours of the same product require major design elements of your label to be consistent. Whether someone is looking at the peach, orange or raspberry flavour they should be able to recognize instantly that it is all the same company and brand. A good example of this is Lipton Ice Teas.

10. Contact Information. Every company should have contact information on their product label. A phone number, a web site and a physical address can all be easily included on the label. You could provide a special web site on your label for customers to sign up for an email list, so you can gather information and start to interact with your good customers.

It’s important to partner with a Label Manufacturer that has the experience and expertise to print the label that is best suited to your product. Rebsons Label Manufacturers have been in business for over 60 years and can provide you with all the information you need in order to manufacturer the perfect label for your product.

Contact Rebsons Label Manufacturers today for an obligation free quote on your label printing needs.

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