5 techniques that make a great coffee label

The coffee industry has expanded exponentially the past few years with coffee lovers becoming much more discerning about their preferred home brew. From the straight-forward ‘black or what?’, ‘sugar or none?’, we’ve entered a realm of latte? Cappuccino? Americano? Espresso? Doppio? Cortado? Macchiato? Mocha? Irish? And we haven’t even dipped into the world of iced coffees! With so much choice and a really discerning client base, coffee makers need a truly iconic coffee label to set their brand apart.

Design a great coffee label

Here’s a look at the five best techniques that make a truly great coffee label.

1. Promote your unique selling points

Socially- and environmentally-conscious shoppers are looking for coffee products that are in line with their personal ethos. That means fair-trade coffee, organic, locally-sourced beans, and sustainable practices across the board. Remember, your claims do have to be backed up by fact, and any false statements will eventually come to light, losing you all brand credibility – and it’s tough to bounce back from that. If your product does tick all the right boxes, make sure this is clearly outlined on your coffee label… and consider using sustainable labels and product packaging to back this up.

2. Reflect your brand identity

Before designing your coffee label, you need to have your brand identity clearly outlined. Once this has been established, you must find a way to work your identity onto your coffee label effectively so that it resonates with your customers. While looking at what competitors are doing is a good starting point, you must avoid incorporating generic designs, font and graphics in your label.


3. Communicate luxury

Coffee has a strong association with luxury and sophistication, with customers wanting to know the more intricate elements that go into the coffee manufacture process. An important part of this is a description of your coffee roast – light, medium, dark, Arabica – as well as the expected flavours or aromas. Even if your brand is quirky, offbeat or a bit comical, coffee lovers still want that sense of intimate knowledge and superior taste that simply sets coffee drinkers apart from the rest of the world.

4. Tell a story

It’s been shown, time and again, that consumers respond to a story, which is why this is being brought into marketing, particularly with more bespoke products. Every coffee brand has a story, and this needs to be captured and communicated through your coffee label. Remember to keep it concise, you can also use infographics and your design to convey the story as well.

5. It’s about quality

At the end of the day, the best way to show that you’re a truly quality brand is to rely on quality-made labels. From the graphics and content through to actual label material, you need to be bringing in the best. Rely on industry professionals so that you’re reflecting that the quality on the outside is indicative of the quality on the inside. Remember that first impressions can make or break your brand, and peeling labels or smudged printing can end your coffee journey before it’s even started.

When it comes to the coffee label material and type, there are so many innovative options to choose from. However, you’ll need to consider aspects such as storage temperature and environment, product placement, ease of legibility and how your chosen design will translate onto the label type. By working with industry experts, Rebsons Labels, you’ll be getting the perfect reflection of your coffee brand.

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