Craft Beer Labels

Craft products are gaining more and more traction in the South African market. This includes craft beers, craft gins, and most recently craft rum. Although not limited to only the liquor industry, craft products also include home-made products such as cheese, jams, patés and breads.

Rebsons Labels manufactures and supplies the highest quality craft beer labels to a number of micro-breweries across South Africa. Through years of label manufacturing experience, Rebsons Labels are able to manufacture and print the best craft beer labels in the industry. Rebsons Labels craft beer labels are known for their durability, high quality and perfect adhesion for the job for all craft products.

Craft Beer Labels

Craft beer labels require an out of the ordinary look and feel, together with clever copy and eye catching images. Craft beers are renowned for appealing to the younger, hipster consumers and therefore have to appeal to this market. It’s therefore vital to take in trends as well as what the competition is doing in terms of their craft beer labels. The craft beer craze speaks to consumers need to consume more personal and bespoke products. They are becoming bored with mass produced beers and prefer the quality, complexity and exclusivity of the craft beer. Rebsons Labels is able to customise a quote for your craft beer label needs. Whether your order is big or small, Rebsons Labels is able to provide what is right for your cash flow and trade.

Craft beer labels can come in a variety of shapes and colours depending on the bottle, surface and storage environment they are needed for. Rebsons Labels is able to print these labels to exact specifications and to the highest quality.

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By partnering with a leading label manufacturer such as Rebsons Labels you will be sure to receive your craft beer labels on time and made of the highest quality.

If you’re unsure of which craft beer labels are the best option for your bottles, speak to Rebsons Labels for advice. With over 60 years’ experience in the label manufacturing industry, Rebsons Labels is a leader in labels. Contact Rebsons today.

Other craft labels

Craft gin labels

Almost as popular as craft beer, craft gin is expanding at a rapid rate in South Africa. Craft gin is more popular with females than with males and therefore craft gin labels are often more feminine in style. The rise of pink gin is testament to this trend and craft gin labels are often flowery, pink and pretty. Rebsons Labels is able to customise a quote for your craft gin label needs. Contact Rebsons Labels today to discuss your craft gin label order.

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craft beer labels

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