How to build your brand with your label

A perfect place to start is to develop a visual identity for your company. Make sure you decide on your brand’s voice, writing style, logos, typeface, and colours before venturing into designing individual labels. You have to have an idea of the cohesive aesthetic and personality behind your brand before you can make the smaller decisions.

In this new era, it is important to know how your brand will be perceived. What does your customer base want from you? By creating a label that reflects what they want, you will be able to successfully reach out to them and maintain their interest. For example, if you want to come across as laid back and fun, you might want to use bright colours and handwritten fonts as a prominent part of your brand.  A strong, bold font can really make your message pop. Contrasting colours and visuals can also help you capture your customer’s attention. Your message doesn’t need to be complicated – it just needs to match the message you are trying to communicate to your customers.

Here in South Africa, things are competitive. How can a brand set itself apart? By focusing on what makes it different and showcasing it through labels. If, for example, a company is passionate about sustainability, consider giving their labels an earthy feel or a sustainable solution. If a brand has a friendly, inviting culture, consider branding the product with friendly animals or another symbol that the company values.

Aligning your brand’s personality to your product is a key step in presenting your brand’s identity to the world. It’s also important to maintain consistency across product labels. Fortunately, digital label printing is designed for this purpose. It achieves uniformity and higher quality, so you can feel confident that your product labels are consistent with your brand personality, no matter what product lines you sell.

You’ve invested in your brand, now protect it. Don’t let your labels blend in with the rest of the crowd. A consistent, high-quality, and unique style lets you show off your personality and separates you from the competition.

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