Professional label printing vs DIY label printing

When bringing a product to market, there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure you get the right kind of exposure in the right places. One of the top considerations, in terms of overall aesthetic, is the product label you choose. This will include the label type, label material and label design. And while it might be appealing to attempt DIY label printing as a way to keep things in-house and costs down – the reality can be very different. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of choosing to go with an established organisation for your label printing needs.

Benefits of professional label printing over DIY label printing

1. Access to professional insight

If you’re starting out with a new product, it’s likely you have limited experience when it comes to the many label options available to you. Certain materials – such as adhesives and ink – won’t work in more extreme environments like freezers or long-term warehouse storage. By partnering with a reputable label supplier, you’re immediately tapping into years’ worth of experience, and drawing on industry insight that can save you from common mistakes.

2. Hassle-free

Label printing is an arduous process that requires hours of design, and the technical know-how of a team well-versed in the label printing process. With so many choices to consider – material, colour, size and shape – as well as the printing equipment required, it’s often easier to partner with a professional label printing organisation. This takes the hassle out of labelling, allowing you to focus on other product marketing aspects.

3. Superior quality

Getting label printing right can be quite a difficult process that requires some experienced input. While you might be able to get the look right eventually with a DIY operation, you could just as likely end up with inferior-quality printing, or incorrect materials for the product, resulting in labels smudging or peeling. A professional label organisation, with access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources, will be able to produce a better-quality label than anything you’re going to get inhouse.

4. Long-term financial savings

If you’re looking to DIY label printing, then you’re going to require extensive capital investment for the printing hardware, as well as a budget for the ongoing maintenance and material costs. There are also the salaries required to pay those operating the printing, and the cost of time to factor in as well. When it comes to printing labels on a large-scale, the costs can become quite exorbitant for a DIY label operation. However, because a professional organisation has all the necessary equipment and materials – and is ordering quantities in bulk – they’re likely to benefit from reduced prices that will benefit the consumer.

5. Professional look

Because a reputable label manufacturer is able to produce a superior product, your brand is able to maximise on the enhanced professional aesthetic of the label, and establish itself as a market leader. When it comes to consumers, very few are going to trust a package with an inferior product label and unprofessional appearance. A professional look builds brand loyalty that will last.

adhesive labels6. Saves on time

There’s no getting around the fact that DIY label printing is a very time-consuming process. From the material selection and design, through to hardware and software issues, it will require dedicated time that could better be spent elsewhere. With a professional label company, it’s simply a matter of outlining requirements, and then waiting for the labels to arrive.

7. Changes are easy

Often it takes a few tries to get the label looking just right. What appears great on a computer screen or on a desk, might look completely wrong when stored, en masse, at a retailer. A company might also want to change its look and feel if the current label is not working; or there might be a limited-edition promotional offer that needs to be included on the label. Making changes can be a mammoth task when done inhouse, but it’s a simple procedure for a professional operating with the necessary tools and equipment.

When it comes to labels, going with a professional label printer is often the simpler, more cost-effective option, but it’s absolutely vital that you go with a company that puts your needs first. Check the supplier’s track record and industry experience before committing to a big order.


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