Self-Adhesive Labels

Rebsons Labels are experts in the manufacturing and printing of labels. We supply a range of  self-adhesive labels to large businesses right down to the small business owner. Whatever your printed label needs are, Rebsons Labels will be able to assist.

Types of self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are incredibly versatile and come in a variety of types, all of which are suited to different industries. Here is a look at the various label types of self-adhesive labels:

  • Water-based: the most common self-adhesive label type, these come in permanent and peelable formats, and are ideal for dry storage. If exposed to moisture, they are likely to be damaged.
  • Hot melt: This is a much more resistant self-adhesive label that is able to retain its position even in moist conditions. These labels will often be used for products that are kept in fridges and freezers.
  • Rubber adhesives: These are sensitive to UV lighting and best used on products that are likely to be stored in darker environments, such as warehouses.
  • Acrylic: These are the perfect reusable self-adhesive labels that are ideal for products that will be handled often. Generally used in the retail sector on products with longer shelf lives.

Range of Self-Adhesive Labels

The versatile nature of self-adhesive labels means they can be used across a variety of industries. They can be moisture-resistant, weather-resistant, water-proof, tamper-proof, flexible and customisable, making them ideal for many products and professions. Some of the products that use self-adhesive labels include:

– Food products
– Beverages
– Beauty products
– Pharmaceutical products
– Cleaning products
– Office supplies

The various self-adhesive labels are crafted from a variety of materials ranging in quality.

1. Adhesive types

– Peelable and ultra-peel use weaker adhesives and can be removed.
– Freezer adhesives which can be used in sub-zero temperatures.
– Marine labels won’t be damaged if submerged in water.
– Security labels use technology to indicate tampering.

2. Face materials

– Paper can be written on and are ideal for schools, offices, home industries and warehouses.
– Polypropylene is relatively low cost using high quality print for the labels.
– Polyester is a strong label which is temperature resistant, suited to industrial applications and medical environments.
– Vinyl is weather-resistant so used outdoors.
– PVC is versatile and durable, often used for custom designs.
– Polyethylene is flexible and is used on ‘squeezable’ bottles such as sauces and toiletries.

3. Release liners

– Coated paper is silicone-coated and used for many mass-produced labels.
– Plastics are used in machine manufacture where labels are applied at high speed.

Rebsons Labels is a leading supplier of labels in South Africa and produce self-adhesive labels for local and international clientele from various industries

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