7 Product Packaging Tips to Attract the Consumer

While the content of the product obviously has to appeal to the consumer, about a third of all decision-making is based on the product packaging. That’s a vast number of consumers to attract just on the basis of the packaging so it’s important to get it right. Here are seven tips to keep in mind in the planning stages.

Product Packaging Tips

1. Clarity of Product

So often companies get lost in promoting the benefits of the product that they forget to explain what the product actually is. Consumers need to know exactly what the product is, as well as the brand selling it – and they need to be able to discern this information in under four seconds, otherwise they will move onto the next item. It’s also important not to get carried away with being too different because customers often associate certain shapes, colours and styles with product types, meaning they might mistake your product for something else.

Milk2. Honesty About What’s Inside

You might trick a consumer into buying your product once with misleading images and descriptions, but it won’t happen again. This means you’ve lost that vital repeat business. You’re also stepping into the realm of false advertising which is a dangerous area. It’s fine to represent the product in the best possible light but consumers want to know that what they’re buying is what they think they’re buying…not something substantially inferior.

3. Product Information Transparency

Over the past few years there has been a complete revolution in food with various diets emerging to avoid the intake of processed, high-salt, high-sugar foods. Growing environmental concerns have also brought about eco-friendly options. Consumers are much more aware of product ingredients and quantities which means product packaging needs to clearly indicate exactly what is inside the product. It’s also imperative that you abide by all local regulations pertaining to risks or hazards associated with the product and that these are clearly marked on the packaging. Avoid any misinformation or inconsistencies to keep consumers happy.False advertising

4. Originality in Design

With hundreds of competitors all looking for a share of the same market, it’s important that your product stands out in some way. Once again, don’t veer too far so as to confuse consumers but look for an authentic design or memorable packaging to make sure your brand stands out. It’s worth looking at other product categories, analysing what makes an impression and why, and then incorporating these elements into your product packaging.

water bottle5. Eye-catching Font

Setting the tone for the entire brand, the font needs to be easy to read which means font style, size and colour must be carefully considered. The font needs to reflect the brand – are you more serious in tone or a bit funkier? Make sure there are no colour clashes and that the font is easily read off the background colour.

font6. Vibrant Visuals

Consumers are going to ‘judge the book by the cover’ no matter how hard you try to convince them otherwise, and this means the visual experience has to really make an impact on the consumer. Images on product packaging help consumers connect the product with the brand, as well as giving a visual explanation of the product’s use.

clarity of product7. Get a Good Label Printer

Finally, it comes down to the quality and type of label placed on the product, and this requires professional assistance from those with experience. Different packages work best with different label materials and adhesives so you need to consult with a reputable label company or label manufacturer. They can also expose you to different marketing tools associated with various labels such as QR labels for products, peel-and-seal information labels or coupons.

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