Best Food Product Labels

Food and beverage labels serve a number of purposes for the company and consumer, such as marketing, product awareness and vital ingredient listing.

What are the best durable label options for food products?

Because of the extreme temperatures and constant handling of most food products, the labels need to be durable to ensure they retain a professional aesthetic. Here is a what you can consider in the food label market.

Factors to consider before investing in a food label

Before investing in any food label, it’s important to consider a number of factors that will impact the final decision. Some of the factors include:

  • Cost – what is your budget for the required quantity of food labels?
  • Storage – will the  products be stored in a high-temperature environment or freezer for any period of time?
  • Timing – how long will the product be stored?
  • Handling – will the product be subjected to quite rough handling at any stage?

Durable food label options

Once you’ve gone over these factors, you can determine exactly what level of durability you will need for your food label. Now it’s time to consider the options.

1. Polyester food labels

Also known as PET, polyester labels are renowned for their incredible durability even when placed in the most extreme temperatures. The climate-resistance makes them a prime choice for any food products with extended shelf life, and the added benefit of PET is that it is both flexibly and fully recyclable.

2. Vinyl food labels

Another excellent example of a durable food label is vinyl, although you will need to check the budget when considering factors as this is an expensive material. Added to this is the cost of disposal, which can be quite high. As with PET labels, vinyl is able to withstand extreme temperatures on both sides of the scale. In addition to climate, vinyl can also endure UV, chemicals and moisture, while also being an extremely flexible material, making it suited to products that are irregularly-shaped.

–          PVC (polyvinyl chloride) food labels

A subset of vinyl is PVC which is able to retain the durability and flexibility of vinyl with another additional feature – shrinkage. Because of this ability, PVC can be used for labelling food products that require a shrink sleeve.

3. Polypropylene food labels

If you need a durable food label that won’t be exposed to extreme heat, then polypropylene is the ideal material. It is highly resistant and also a more cost-effective option than PET, making it one of the cheapest in the durable range.

4. Paper food labels

Unsurprisingly, paper is not the most durable material when it comes to food labels, however, it can be strengthened using certain coats. This can make the label fairly resistant to moisture, UV and handling, plus paper is a much more cost-effective option for bulk orders.

Coating or finishes for a durable food label

The final touch when it comes to enhancing food label durability is the coating or finish placed on the label. This post-printing process will not only enhance durability, but make the finished product much more aesthetically appealing. Options include:

1. Varnish

Placing a clear liquid coating over the label. This is a fairly cost-effective option but not the most durable one available.

2. Matt or gloss laminate

For a more durable protective layer, laminate will make the label resistant to moisture, UV and handling.

3. Embossing or Debossing

This is a way to create a raised or indented relief to the label surface for an enhanced finished product.

4. Foil stamping

If you’re looking to add colour to your food label, then foil stamping is a great way to finish the look.

Whatever food or beverage label you’re in the market for, make sure you partner with a reputable label manufacturer organisation that will meet your budget and material requirements on time.

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