9 Label and packaging trends in 2021

When it comes to trend forecasting, there’s no doubt that the ongoing pandemic has severely impacted how consumers react to brands, and how they prioritise purchases. In terms of label and packaging trends, we’re seeing an overriding desire for bold statements that say it like it is. We’re past the stage of being manipulated and […]

7 Label Design Trends for 2017

We take a look at what some of the label design trends may be for 2017. If you’re considering launching a new product line or brand in 2017, it may be a good idea to take these into consideration for your next label designs and production: Label Design Trends 1. Geometric Designs on Labels Geometric […]

Fundamental Questions to ask your Label Printer

adhesive labels

Changing your Labels? You may be thinking of starting a new line of products or changing your packaging, or perhaps your brand has just had a fresh overhaul. That means it’s now time to go out and find a Label Printer that can manufacture and print the exact labels you need for your product. So how […]