Different label types and how to use them

Are you thinking about getting a specific type of label designed for a new product, but not sure which direction to go in? With so many different label types on the market, it is not always the easiest to choose the best option for your product. This article looks at six labelling options to grab […]

QR codes and Barcodes

What is the difference between QR codes and barcodes for your business? So, you’ve done your research and decided that QR codes are the best solution for your marketing campaign. You download an app, set up an account, watch a few tutorials, create a QR code with your logo and URL, run some tests, etc., […]

How to build your brand with your label

A perfect place to start is to develop a visual identity for your company. Make sure you decide on your brand’s voice, writing style, logos, typeface, and colours before venturing into designing individual labels. You have to have an idea of the cohesive aesthetic and personality behind your brand before you can make the smaller […]

Amazing Craft Beer Labels

In the fast-growing craft beer industry making your brew stand out is a challenge that starts on the shelf, and to start that journey you need to identify your brews character, as well as who you are targeting and what are they looking for. Generally, people are choosing craft beer because of the creativity it […]

Craft Gin Labels South Africa

Before we get into the nitty gritty of a great craft gin label, it’s probably important to understand how the craft gin market has evolved in South Africa. It has taken only a few years for gin to have fundamentally changed in the eyes of the consumer. From a hard tac “older persons” drink to […]

QR labels for products

What you need to know about QR labels for products The convergence of digital and print space is opening up so many avenues for business in terms of enhanced consumer experience and engagement. One area where this is immediately evident is the creation of QR codes as product labels. Here’s a look at the benefit […]

5 techniques that make a great coffee label

The coffee industry has expanded exponentially the past few years with coffee lovers becoming much more discerning about their preferred home brew. From the straight-forward ‘black or what?’, ‘sugar or none?’, we’ve entered a realm of latte? Cappuccino? Americano? Espresso? Doppio? Cortado? Macchiato? Mocha? Irish? And we haven’t even dipped into the world of iced […]

Cosmetic Label Trends

cosmetics labels

We love feeling beautiful and surrounding ourselves with beautiful things. Cosmetics represent beauty and manufacturers need to make sure that they epitomise this. Your cosmetics label needs to be striking to stand out from its competitors, with the right words to inform and persuade. The labelling of cosmetics is not only important for its aesthetic […]

10 Ways to Make your Product Label Stand Out

Labelling your product is one of the most important areas of your marketing strategy. Your product label needs to be effective, useful and grab the consumer’s attention almost immediately. So how can this be done? Here is a short video on the psychology behind retail stores and the effect that a product label and pricing […]

Choosing the right imagery for your product label

Product label design is an intricate process that requires many facets – correct text content and style, captivating colour, material quality and imagery. All of these need to work together to effectively translate your brand message and capture a loyal audience. For many, getting the imagery right is the biggest differentiator. Here’s a look at […]