How to build your brand with your label

A perfect place to start is to develop a visual identity for your company. Make sure you decide on your brand’s voice, writing style, logos, typeface, and colours before venturing into designing individual labels. You have to have an idea of the cohesive aesthetic and personality behind your brand before you can make the smaller […]

10 Ways to Make your Product Label Stand Out

Labelling your product is one of the most important areas of your marketing strategy. Your product label needs to be effective, useful and grab the consumer’s attention almost immediately. So how can this be done? Here is a short video on the psychology behind retail stores and the effect that a product label and pricing […]

Create food labels that consumers can trust

The modern consumer is not only incredibly aware about nutritional benefits of packaged food, but also quick to dismiss brands that underestimate their intelligence. With the food and beverage market as competitive as it is, brands should be cementing loyalty and attracting new customers wherever possible – and often this begins with the food label. […]