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As a valuable marketing tool, product labels are being designed with much more innovative methods and techniques. Factors such as label font, colours, messaging and materials are all proving to be effective in attracting consumer attention. But including so many vital product aspects on a small container label means you have to get creative. Here are some clever design principles leading label manufacturers are using.

6 Design principles to create labels for small containers

Striking background colour
When it comes to small container labels, every element needs to tell a story – and that includes the colour. Don’t waste any background space, rather use it to convey the brand’s easily identifiable colour scheme, or hues that are most often associated with the product type, such as lighter pastels for toiletry items. You could even include a well-designed backing pattern to convey the brand’s message. Just remember that you need to consider the legibility of your very valuable, small container label text, against the chosen background.

Incorporating pictographs / pictograms
The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been truer than when you’re trying to get messaging across on a small container label. So take this mantra as a design principle and include pictographs (also known as pictograms) to communicate with consumers more effectively. Pictographs must be simple enough to be understood by the majority of the consumers, not just a select target group. They can be used as warning symbols, or even as a way to give the most basic instructions. Combined with a few words, pictographs can communicate a substantial amount in a very limited space.

Outer packaging, inserts or QR codes
In some circumstances, the necessary product information will simply not fit onto a small container, no matter how inventive you get. There is no need to worry however, as there are many ways to communicate with consumers outside of the container label. Outer packaging can explain all the necessary instructions and ingredients, but for more substantial product information – medical items, for instance – a folded package insert is your best bet. This will allow you to minimise the amount of text on the label. Modern label solutions could include a QR product labels with code which is scanned using a smart phone to unlock product information.

Customised brand logos
While every company will have a brand logo, these might not always transfer easily and clearly onto a small container label. It’s a good idea to design a customised brand logo, working off the original, that will be clearly printed onto a the label.

Unique label shapes
The product shape will impact the label shape, but you don’t have to opt for something too traditional. The label shape, itself, can be used to convey a brand message or create brand recognition. Something as simple as incorporating creative shaping into the label edges will set the product apart, while not overpowering the finished look.

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plant labelsFont type and size
Finally, the font itself is a major consideration when printing on small container labels. The size, while having to fit limited label space, cannot be so small that consumers battle to read it. By customising a font style, you can create something that is space-saving, while also remaining legible and eye-catching.

Designing a label for a small product container can prove difficult, but partnering by with a reputable label manufacturer, it’s an easily-attainable goal. An experienced label manufacturer will not only ensure the correct label design will attract consumers, but will also incorporate quality materials in the production so that you aren’t left with smudged, peeling labels that send the wrong message about your brand.


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